Choreographic Lineage


The Digital Choreographic Lineage (DCL) initiative seeks to establish an interactive web-based genealogical network illustrating connections between dance artists, their teachers, their students, their collaborators and people who they were influenced by. The main goal is to establish a knowledge base documenting 20th and 21st century dance that is searchable and mineable and that will continue to grow as new generations of artists are added. DCL is intended as a global resource for investigating artistic influences, career paths, choreographic connections, and complex and obscure relationships. A broader goal of the project is to develop a template that can be utilized in other disciplines, from music to physics, to capture their own lineage. As well, DCL seeks to develop a model for multi-disciplinary collaboration among artists and computer scientists to explore creative avenues for promoting the arts and engaging the next generation by leveraging emerging technologies.



Developing the Dance Artist in Technique Class: The Alteration Task.
Journal of Dance Education.  (12)1: 14-20. 2012.  20 pages in manuscript form.

Body and Drum, CD for Modern Dance Technique Class, ©2010
Melanie Aceto: Music direction, class format, production and marketing
Joe Thomas:  Percussionist 

Over 200 copies sold: UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, Belgium, Taiwan and Hungary and the U.S. territory the Virgin Islands.  Sold by: Asgard Productions ( and Dance Class Music/Jay Distributors (

Body and Drum comprises 14 percussion improvisations for a complete modern dance class including floor and standing warm-ups, phrase work, and small and large jumps. The musical material is ideal for classes based in the Humphrey-Weidman movement style. The CD includes ¾ rhythms for leg swings, body swings, and a track to accompany the Weidman hop series. Each track has a clear 2 or 4 measure introduction with the tambourine often holding the downbeat. 

 Looking In, Looking Out: Perspectives on Entering the Academy. Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies: Entering the Academy. Society of Dance History Scholars.  Vol. 28.1 (2008): 23 – 25.


November 2014
National Dance Education Organization, Chicago, IL
The Choreographic Lineage Resource: Collaboratively Created, Globally Sourced

Congress on Research in Dance and Society of Dance History Scholars, Iowa City, IA
Choreographic Lineage: A Global Access and Preservation Framework

May 2012
DANCE 2050
National Dance Education Organization, Philadelphia, PA

October 2010
National Dance Education Organization, Tempe, AZ
Integrating Choreographic Tools and Structures into Technique Class

June 2009
National Dance Education Organization, New York, NY
Teaching Dance Composition: Investigating the Teaching of Music Composition as a Model
Paper Presentation

April 2009
Arts in Healthcare International Conference, Buffalo, NY
We Are Forget, Quintet to We Are Forget by poet Gary Glazner
Paper Presentation

February 2009
National Dance Education Organization, SUNY at Brockport, Brockport, NY
Surpassing the Politics: Thriving at Auditions - Tools for a Competitive Field
1.5 hour workshop

July 2006
National Dance Education Organization, Brockport, NY
Lincoln Center Institute Model – Aesthetic Education
1.5 hour workshop

March 2006
American College Dance Festival, University at Buffalo – Host, University at Buffalo
Expanding Dynamic Range
1.5 hour workshop


  • State University of New York Innovative Instruction Technology Grant
  • Technē Institute, University at Buffalo
  • IMPACT Initiative (Innovative Micro-Programs Accelerating Collaboration in Themes), University at Buffalo
  • Digital Humanities Initiative, University at Buffalo
  • Canadian-American Studies Grant, University at Buffalo
  • Buffalo Arts Council
  • UB 2020 Scholars Fund